Spring Blackjack Tournament


Starting at 3PM

Sun Club Members may buy-in starting on April 1!
Spring Blackjack Tournament

Spring Blackjack Tournament

Starting at 3PM

Promotion Information

Sun Club Members can buy into the Mistequa Casino Hotel Blackjack Tournament starting April 1 with the tournament taking place on April 21 at 3PM!

Buy-in: Starts April 1 (Players must be bought in by 2:50PM on April 21)

Tournament: Sunday, April 21 at 3PM ($50 Buy-in, $50 will be added per entry/buy-in)


1st Place – 50% of total prize pool

2nd Place – 30% of total prize pool

3rd Place – 20% of total prize pool

More Information

Tournament Format

There will be 18 “buy-in” seats available for this tournament. The buy in will be $50 with no re-buys. Sun Club Members may begin buying-in on April 1 at the Cage.

There will be 4 Rounds of the tournament with (6) players per round. The top two (2) players from each round will play in the final round 4 where the top three 3 players will win their cash prizes.

Each player will be issued $300 in non-negotiable chips each round.

Bets must be made in $5 increments with a minimum bet of $5 and an unlimited max bet.

Players are limited to 1 spot, and no coaching will be allowed. The tournament session of each round lasts 25-hands. The countdown chips are numbered “1-25” and the chips will be used to count the number of hands; the corresponding countdown chip will be used as the rotation marker.

With 5-hands remaining, players will be asked if anyone would like all player chips counted down, this question will only be asked once. The next hand dealt will be the first of the

last 5-hands.

The tournament chips must be kept on the table in full view separated by denomination. A rotation button will indicate the dealing and betting order and is moved one position clockwise after each hand. (The countdown chip will be used as rotation marker to determine the betting and dealing order.)

Once a bet is made it cannot be changed, and all chips must be removed from the betting circle upon completion of each hand.

Player inquiries regarding opponent’s bank roll quantity. The dealer will be the only authorized employee allowed to provide information to players.

Players must use the appropriate hand signal when asking for a hit, double down, split, or stay. Once a hand signal has been given, it may not be taken back. A (6)-deck shoe will be used exclusively.

In case of a dispute, management decision is final. In case of dealer error, all hands will be voided and redealt.

IN CASE OF TIES: When 2 or more players are tied with no money left on the table, $100 in tournament chips are advanced to each player. After (5) more hands are dealt, the player with the larger amount of chips is declared the winner.

Table and seat assignments are determined by random drawing. Anyone caught removing tournament chips from the table will be immediately disqualified. No substitute players will be allowed.

Any questions may be directed to the Casino Table Games Supervisor.

See Sun Club for details.

*Must be a Sun Club Member to participate in our Prize Drawings.

Not a member of our Sun Club yet? Stop by the players club to join and start receiving exclusive benefits.

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